Frequently Asked Questions

Is TapePlay free?

TapePlay is free for public and freemium accounts. The site is supported by premium Athlete and College Coach accounts.

How is my account information used?

We will never sell your account information. Your account information is only used to provide you with relevant advertising and updates on TapePlay. We will never share your individual information with advertisers or any other third party.

What are the recommended settings for uploading a video?

We prefer you upload your video in its original format and in the highest quality possible. We also like de-interlaced files. Audio and video lengths should always be the same with audio starting at the same time as the video. TapePlay supports a wide variety of video and audio formats.

Here is a list of some well-known formats that TapePlay supports:

How do I upload a video?

Remember, you have to be an athlete aiming to play at the next level or an expert helping athletes get to the next level in order to upload a video. The only other people who can upload a video are the featured athlete’s parents and legal guardians. To upload a video, you’ve got to create an Athlete account.

Once you have an Athlete or Event Director account, go to the upload page. This is where you can upload your video. Then hit the Browse button, select the file you want to upload from your computer, and hit the Select button. Your video will start uploading and you will see a progress bar telling you how long it will take. (Please note: slower connections and large files will take longer so please be patient.)

After your video is finished uploading, it will go through a conversion process. Once uploaded, the video will appear both on the site and in your account. It’s that simple.

What should I do if something goes wrong or doesn’t work?

If your problem doesn’t work after multiple attempts, try holding down the Shift button on your keyboard and pushing the reload button on your browser. This will reset the cache in your browser and usually clear up any problems. If this still doesn’t work, exit your browser, reopen it and try again.

Then if the problem is still there, contact us.

How do I get coaches to watch my videos?

Besides posting videos of your best games ever, it’s all about your video titles and descriptions. The more detailed you are, the better chance a coach or scout will find you. Make your video titles clear, direct and accurate. And never ever be misleading.

Email your video URL to colleges or professional organizations you are interested in playing for. Keep a log of every contact you make and remember to follow up.