Why It Works

Learn how these parents and athletes are using TapePlay to gain exposure to play at the next level.

I have found Tape Play to be a very effective vehicle to send highlight tapes to coaches and scouts across the country. Not many high school game tapes are of professional quality, nor do coaches generally have the time to review long stretches of film.

The professional quality of the tapes is impressive. We have had three highlight tapes made and have been extremely pleased with all of them. These short videos compress the action from an entire game into a shorter 2-3 minute tape. If we do decide to have a full game tape made, we would not hesitate to have Tape Play produce it for us. I have also enjoyed several conversations with Lindsay who is the consummate professional, yet very engaging and interested in my daughter's success on the court.

In short, I wholeheartedly endorse this company and the product.
– Kevin M. from Ohio, Parent
I had great service. The video tapers were tremendously friendly and the videos turned out great. Wish I would of ordered a highlight video. It took a little longer to get them back but I always received an update on how it was coming along. Great job :) – Theresa L. from Nebraska, Parent
I received three quality files from your company. My son played at Romeoville's Chicago Summer Jam basketball tournament last year. I am very pleased with the video picture and sound quality produced by tape play. Also, I received the files in a timely manner. – Marlon S. from Illinois, Parent
@lindsayeaustin Nice meeting you at #TheBorderBattle in Toledo. Can't wait to see the video of @LindseyThall '18. @TapePlay..a great value! – Robert T. from Ohio, Parent